Color Blindness

I have forgotten the benefits of seeing/thinking in color for the last year with analog photography. My response of only choosing black & white was usually: "color takes away from the primal elements of the image" or "color just overwhelms me". But what kept picking at my brain was the fact that maybe I've just been limiting myself by only shooting in black & white. Besides that limitation, I began to lose focus on my passion due to a drastic change in my lifestyle. I wasn't getting up as early as I'd like to, I had formed habits that were not in my favor, and I simply was not picking up my cameras and taking them with me everywhere I went. Noticing these changes, I tried and tried again to regain control. Finally, I had started putting in more effort and two weeks ago, I decided to load my AE-1 with some color film (Fujifilm 200/Kodak Gold 200) to shoot the colors I had been consciously evading.