Compare & Contrast

At the end of September, I was able to explore a few places I had never experienced before: San Diego & Northwestern Baja California (Tecate, Tijuana & Playas de Rosarito.) My friend, Sam Ithy, was having his wedding in Tijuana (at The Mission’s RDSN) so I made sure to take an early flight in order to get a full day of shooting in San Diego beforehand. It was definitely an intriguing city to say the least…especially the juxtapositions: The congested & the empty, the modern against the classic, the filthy & the clean. There was always something to be capturing, especially with the flight path over the city.

After the sun had settled in San Diego, a shuttle from The Mission picked me up & we headed towards the RDSN base. During the drive, I remembered my eyes becoming more & more heavy until we exited California. After crossing the border, a sudden restlessness kicked in as I tried to comprehend & ingest my surroundings. Oddly enough, it was dream-like (similar to a feeling of Déjà visité) in the sense that I had seen these makeshift buildings & crumbling roads before, in my mind. For the next couple of days, I looked for ways to comfort myself in the dust-covered desert landscape. I couldn’t help but continue to compare & contrast these unfamiliar scenes with unrelated experiences from the past. Thanks to my camera & notepad, I am now able to hold onto these memories for longer than my mind will.

These photos were shot with Kodak Tri-X 400 (some pushed), p3200 & Portra 800.