Searching For Meaning

I'm sure many of you can relate this frustration to whatever your passion is in life. For the last month, I have been completely depleted of inspirational ideas. It literally took me THREE whole weeks to complete a roll of 36 frames. Sure, I was distracted with school and other happenings in life but that was the longest time I've ever shot a single roll of film. I was so concerned that I decided to sit back & question what it was that I wanted to capture more frequently. I began to realize that vintage cars, old signage and the lack of modern-day details pertaining this evolving world have seemed to always catch my eye and cause me to wander.. What was it like when these products were the "new" thing? Was life better with its simplistic characteristics or was it rather limiting? Regardless, these aged subjects help create images that leave the viewer questioning what year the photos were taken. Sometimes I even find it hard to believe that these specific images are from March of 2017. Here are some of the results: the first 5 are taken on a Ilford HP5 disposable camera and the last 5 are taken on my AE-1 with Kodak Tri-x Film. I hope you enjoy.